Are You Ready for a Visual Test? Which Watch Is Different?

Are you always looking for something to do in your free time? Look no further. Try brain teasers. They are the ultimate game-changer in enhancing your attentiveness. Some say brainteasers keep your brain young, but who knows, unless you give it a try.

Start with this quiz by telling the odd one out. Then, in case the quiz troubles you, check out the answer right beneath the quiz. Ready? This is it!

The Benefits of Brainteasers

Stimulating our brains is a crucial thing to keep them re-energized. And the best way we do that is by keeping up with brainteasers. They work best to keep our minds in tip-top shape. At least you can have a chance to forget your daily routine for a minute and venture into another world. 

Besides, they help enhance the ability to solve problems, and they are a creative way to boost your mind. Of course, you can always start your day with a brainteaser. You’ll thank me later.

This quiz requires you to spot the odd one out but in the shortest time possible, approximately 15 seconds. Although, at first glance, they might all look the same, do not be tricked. One is dissimilar. It’s time to spot it! 

The Clock Is Ticking – Time to Give Your Eyes a Test

Found it already? Let’s see if you got it right. Keep scrolling!


The answer is Watch Number 1. 

Here is why – In watch number 1, there was a switch in time 6 and 12. It’s that simple!

That was an easy one. Did you hit the 15 seconds clock time limit? Did you get it right? Tell us in the comment section below. Also, don’t let this fun pass your friends. Share the test and see who wins the challenge faster than everybody else.