How Fast Can You Solve This? Test Your Mental Math Now

Cracking riddles is a great way to test your mental health. This fun brainteaser can help you challenge your mind in a quick and revitalizing manner. The brainteasers involve finding out how much each dog is worth and later calculating the final sum to get the correct answer.

The correct answers await you at the bottom of the page. Don’t peek just yet!

1st Challenge

Here you go. The first challenge!

What’s your answer to the last sum? Did you manage to solve it within 30 seconds? Well done. Now try out the next one and see how fast you can solve it.

2nd Challenge

By now, you must be getting better, and you are probably mastering the concept. How fast did you solve this second one? Is the challenge getting easier as you progress? Let us know your answers in the comment section. 

Meanwhile, you still have the final challenge waiting. Scroll along.

3rd Challenge

You finished your last challenge. Congratulations! We hope you got the correct answers and in the shortest time possible. By the end of this third challenge, you must have gotten better at solving the problems. 

Let’s find out if you managed to solve the challenges correctly, though.

The Solutions

The 1st Challenge

The correct answer to this challenge is 17. Surprised?

Here’s how the answer came by:

The value of each grey dog is $5 i.e., 15 divide by 3.

In the second equation, you’ll find the value of the brown dog to be $4 i.e., 5 + a + a = 13

5 + 2a = 13 

Brown dog (a) = 4.

In the third equation, you’ll find the value of the bones to be 3.

Thus, the answer to the last equation becomes:

5 + 4 x 3 = 17

The 2nd Challenge

If you calculated things well, you must have gotten 31. Pat yourself on the back. That’s the right answer!

Using the same concepts in Challenge 1 above, you will get the value of each black dog to be $7.

In the second equation, the value of each brown dog comes to $6.

And in the next equation, the value of the dog food comes to $4.

When solving the final equation, the figures fit in as follows:

7 + 6 x 4 = 31

The 3rd Challenge

The right answer here is 18! 

The value of the brown/black dog settles at $8.

The black dog’s value is $2, and the neck collar’s value is $5.

Solving the last equation:

8 + 2 x 5 = 18

You now have the three answers. It’s now time to share with your friends and see how good they can perform. Get the fun around.