You’ll Only Understand This Math Problem If you’re a Genius. Try It Out!

Forget the normal mathematical equations you solve every day; this one is a hard nut to crack, and only real geniuses can get it right. Are you one of these geniuses? We’ll find out sooner.

There’s something about this math problem that isn’t logically adding up, but it still has a solution if you master the pattern. If you are ready to think hard and burn out some calories, then you’re in for a good deserving challenge. 

The solution is right under the page for you to check after giving the challenge a try. It’s time to give it a try; let’s see how fast you can solve it.

You’re probably hitting your head hard by now and wondering how the solutions came by. You’re not alone; so many other people couldn’t get the concept right after the first attempt. If you did, congratulations; you are an amazing genius.

Here’s the Answer

If you were trying to solve this using the mathematical concept you learned in elementary school, you would have a dead end. Look at it as a sort of code. In the equation 6 +4 = 210, the first number, 2, is the difference between 6 and 4, and as you’ve already concluded rightly, the second number, 10, is the sum of the two numbers. 

The same concept applies to all the other equations in the chart. You can try them out now with this concept and see if you will get the answers given. If you’d already solved the problem, congratulations, you did well. 

How did you perform on your first attempt? Was it an easy challenge for you? You can give us your thoughts and comments in the comment section below. 

Meanwhile, share this with your friends and let them try it out. You can find out how fast they can solve it without referring to the answer.