This Optical Illusion Has a Number Buried in It. Can You Spot It?

More often than not, optical illusions have been used to test readers’ visual acuity, and most of them have gone viral in the process. It’s understandable why they go viral because everyone likes these head-spinning challenges.

However, cracking them isn’t always a walk in the park, as you can see in the challenge below. This image has a number hidden in it. You can only see it if you exercise patience and pull together all your mind’s concentration into the whole process. 

You must have very great eyes and a settled mind to spot the number at first glance. But if you can’t, don’t worry; many can’t spot it at all. However, don’t give up, give it time, and soon you will spot it.

You Must Be Ready by Now. Let’s Try It Out.

Your eyes are shaking, right? Well, if you keep looking, you’ll see the number behind the lines.

Have you spotted it already? If you’re still struggling, you might consider stepping back from the screen slightly and viewing from a distance. You can tilt your head a little to try spotting it from a different angle.

If you spotted it within the first few seconds, congratulations, you’re among the few who can achieve that…

Have you spotted it already? If you’re still struggling, scrolling on the page up and down could help you spot the image.

Here’s the Answer!

If you’re reading thus far, likely, you haven’t spotted the number yet. Or you have and aren’t sure if you spotted the correct number. 

If your answer was 17, then bravo! You spotted the right number. If you check closer and from all angles, you’ll vaguely see the number 17 behind the lines.

The process of finding the correct number didn’t take much of your time, did it? Whether it was a hard challenge or a piece of cake for you, you can’t keep the whole fun to yourself. 

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