Tricky Brainteaser Is Proving a Challenge to Many. Can You Count How Many Legs Are There?

Great debates and skepticism have always ensued when it comes to optical illusions, with many of them going viral over the years, leading to heated discussions among peers. The argument gets tense because everyone solving an optical illusion challenge believes they have the right answer, and the other party is wrong. 

With accurate concentration and focus, you can always get the right answer faster than anyone else. So, can you test your eyes and brain with the brainteaser below? Let’s find out.

How Many Legs Can You See?

Are you smiling already and happy to have solved it so fast and efficiently? Well, you might want to hold your joy back for a moment. The picture has created a lot of debate globally, and you might be surprised what you have isn’t the correct answer. 

The Results

There’s no hard and fast rule for the correct answer as everyone seems to be having a right argument behind their answers. However, if you recorded 10, 11, or 21, you agree with many others who took the challenge ahead of you. 

The most accurate answer could be 22. This comes when you count the dropping legs with red shoes, which adds up to 11. You will then add this total to the rising legs with black shoes, which also adds up to 11. 

Getting the total sum from these two summations, you will have the total number of legs as 22.

You see! It wasn’t so hard to crack. However, you could easily get it wrong if you rushed to settle with the first options available. 

Now that you know the right answer and how the answer came by, why don’t you pass on the fun?

Share the challenge with your friends and family and see if they can crack it as fast as you did!