How Many Triangles Can You See in This Challenging Brainteaser?

More often, we share with you tricky brainteasers that leave you scratching your head so hard. If you’ve loved them thus far, then this one is also one worthy brainteaser you should try. It wasn’t easy for us to agree first on the exact number of triangles present in this image, but we finally managed to figure it out. 

If you are ready, how fast do you think you can count all the triangles in this image below? Well, let’s find out after you’ve given it a try.

This all depends on how deep you can see and count. If you count everything correctly, then you will agree that the correct answer is 18. If you got it right in your first attempt, bravo, you did well.

If you failed on your first, second, or third attempt, you could now try it again slowly with a keener eye. Make sure you go step by step until you can count all the 18 triangles. You can tilt the image and count from different angles if you can’t find all of them viewing from one direction.

Once you have the right answer, you can now share it with your friends and see how many triangles they can count.