This Brainteaser Seems Simple, But It Actually Exposes Our Brain’s Imperfections

Just like their name, brainteasers tease and play games to your brain, sometimes making you look and feel stupid! Worse more, most of these brainteasers are not even hard nuts to crack. They are those simple-looking riddles you look at and despise at first sight. Sometimes, you could think the solution is pretty obvious until you realize you have been on the wrong side all along.

You need to pay maximum attention when tackling this simple brainteaser below. Have a look.

It is simple, right? I bet you had answers like 12 or 1. Well, you are completely off if you got any of these as your answer.

Here’s the Correct Answer

We perfectly understand you when you insist your answers are right. The problem isn’t in your calculations but in your ability to follow details keenly. Many people are quickly adding the 1s, assuming that there’s a + sign after every digit. If you look closely, you will realize that the 1s at the end of the first and the second lines lack a ‘+’ sign after them. This means they are not 1s but 11s.

Therefore, there are two 11s in the equation, which change everything completely. If you do the calculations using the 11s and following BODMAS, then the correct answer is 30.

Now you perfectly understand where you went wrong in the first place, and we completely understand if you feel duped by this brainteaser. Many have been in your shoes before!

If you solved this in your first attempt, then you need to feel proud of yourself. You are actually among the few geniuses around.

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