4 Mind-Blowing Riddles Only the Clever People Can Solve. Can You?

There’s more to being smart than solving math problems and complex calculations, as most people believe. Intelligence fall under quick wit and general knowledge. 

Here are five brain-melting riddles you can try that don’t need school smartness to crack. Go ahead and jog your mind a little; you could be surprised at how fast you can solve them.

Riddle 1: 

Riddle 2:

Riddle 3:

Riddle 4:

Bonus Riddle: 

The Solutions

You’re probably scratching your head hard by now. The solutions are much easier than you can imagine. Here are the right solutions for the riddles.

1st Riddle: 

1995 is not the year in which she was born but the hospital room number she was born in.

2nd Riddle:

The boy must have been born in 2005 BC, where years are counted in opposite direction. That means, in 1995 BC, he would have been ten years old and 15 in 1990 BC.

3rd Riddle:

The pocket is empty because it has nothing tangible in it, yet it has something that makes it empty, and that’s a hole!

4th Riddle: 

Your name is Felix. Your chemist mum calls you Iron because of the symbol ‘Fe’ for Iron in the periodic table. Your mathematician’s dad came up with 59, which represents LIX in Roman numerals. Put together, and you are rightly Iron59. 

Bonus Riddle:

Give your food to the crocodiles to distract them, take water from the lake, and use it to fire indoor 1. Once the fire is out, you can safely escape through door 1.

How many did you get right and by yourself without any help? Let us know in the comments below. Pat yourself on the back if you managed to solve three or more riddles correctly.

Now it is time to share the riddles with your friends and family. Find out how fast and easy they can solve these riddles.