This Horseshoe Equation Is Stumping The Entire Internet – Can You Solve It?

If you think you have seen it all in solving challenging riddles and equations, you are yet to meet tough and tricky ones like this one. Most of those who have tried it argue that there are multiple answers to this challenge, but is that true? You can only find out the truth by trying the challenge yourself. 

This crazy equation was posted on Facebook containing horses, horseshoes, and cowboy boots. To crack the challenge, you need to remember a bit of your algebra. This shouldn’t be a hard nut to crack. Give it a try and see how you progress.

When this challenge was posted online for just a few hours, it already attracted thousands of comments, and nobody seemed to agree on a correct answer. Here’s a snippet of what other online users thought would be the correct answer.

You are already getting somewhere with the calculations, and you need to be extra careful not to miss the important details. People are getting varying answers because they are missing these two important factors:

  1. They fail to recognize a multiplication ‘x’ sign in the final equation and are mistaking it for an addition ‘+’ sign.
  2. The final equation has only one boot and one horseshoe. So, when calculating the final answer, you need to halve the values of the respective items to get the correct answer.

Once you have these two concepts on the check, you are ready to proceed to get the final solution.

You need to follow the BODMAS principles, which dictates you solve equations in the order of Brackets, Of, Division, Multiplication, Addition, and finally Subtraction. 

With that formulae, you will have to multiply the value of the horseshoe by that of the horse, after which you will add the value of the cowboy boot.

Now you can crack it easily, right? If you did it successfully, you can now share it with your friends and find their answers. Don’t forget to share your answer with us as well in the comment section.