Test Your Visual Abilities: How Many 7s Can You See in This Image?

Getting engaged with a collection of quizzes helps you to get your mind engaged and active. Such quizzes boost your mental focus and attentiveness throughout the day. With this quiz below, your attention and eyesight might get better after you try it. Give it a shot.

The trick is to see if you can spot all the 7s in the image below. All you need to do is to count and find out all the sevens hidden in the image. This is the ideal break you need from your daily demanding duties. 

While it may seem easy, you should be extra careful not to miss out on some sevens as there could be more than you can see at first glance. If you can get the correct answer in less than one minute, then you must be having an incredibly sharp vision. 

How Many 7s Can You See in the Image Below?

Don’t worry if you’re having trouble spotting all the sevens. Over 85% of those who tried it failed it on their first attempt. While it seems easy, it needs both high visual and attentiveness abilities.

So, are you ready to find out what the correct answer is? Well, here’s a solution for you.


The correct answer is 7. There are seven sevens in the image, and we can count them together. Among the Zs in the image, there are a total of six, 7s. The image of the sevens and Zs make up a giant image of the number seven. This brings the total number of 7s to seven.

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