How Many Squares Can You See in This Picture?

Your brain works daily. Thus, it over functions, and in the process, it gets slower. Therefore, you need brain exercises every now and then. While many people love brainteasers just for fun, they are also an excellent way to refresh your brain. 

The picture below has many squares. This is a pretty straightforward exercise. You just need to find the actual number of squares keenly, and that’s it!

The Benefits of Brainteasers?

Stimulating our brains is a crucial thing to keep them re-energized. And the best way we do that is by keeping up with brainteasers. They work best to keep our minds in tip-top shape. At least you can have a chance to forget your daily routine for a minute and venture into another world. 

Besides, they help enhance the ability to solve problems, and they are a creative way to boost your mind. You can always start your day with a brainteaser. You’ll thank me later.

Are You Ready For This? 

Don’t worry about getting stuck. We got you! The answer is right below but don’t peep before making an attempt. Let’s get started!

Don’t rush. Take your time. There are more squares than you think. When done, compare your answer with the right solution below. 


Well, first, you must know the definition of a square. A square is a four-sided figure, with all sides equal, each with 90 degrees. So how many squares did you see?

Let’s break it down:

First, we have the outside lines = 1 square

Then, there are the four slightly smaller squares = 4 squares

The next square is in the middle = 1 square

The left corner has another square = 1 square

Finally, there are squares of the same size in the big square = 9 squares

1+4+1+1+9= 16 squares

The answer is 16 squares! Did you get that right? Well done!

Let us know how long you took to complete the challenge with the correct answer. Also, don’t forget to pass the challenge to your friends and see who gets all the squares right within the shortest time possible